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Mumbai Police Gives An Epic Reply To A Man Who Claimed To Be “Trapped” On The Moon

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Mumbai Police Gives An Epic Reply To A Man Who Claimed To Be “Trapped” On The Moon

The Mumbai Police Department leaves no stone unturned when it comes to posting funny articles and responding to inquiries in an amusing manner.

The police department responded to a man’s allegation that he was “trapped” on the moon with an epic response. BMS Khan was responding to a post from the Mumbai Police’s post about not hesitating to dial 100 when stuck in any emergency.

The man shared an image of an astronaut viewing Earth from space and added, “I got stuck here.”

The Mumbai Police Department goes above and beyond when it comes to distributing amusing posts and responding to inquiries with entertaining responses.

In response to the man’s inquiry, Mumbai Police wrote in a sarcastic and incredibly clever manner, “This one is not under our jurisdiction. But we are glad that you trust us to the moon and back.”

A lot of people reacted to the post differently as the post swiftly grabbed a lot of eyeballs online and Twitter users hailed the department’s on-point reply.

“Brilliant response,” a user wrote.

Another user commented, “Epic.”

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