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Olori Tobi Phillips celebrates Ooni’s seventh Year On The Throne


Olori Tobi Phillips celebrates Ooni’s seventh Year On The Throne

The third wife of Ooni of Ife, Queen Tobi Phillips, celebrates seventh anniversary of the monarchy with her co-wives.

Kemi Filani News previously reported that Olori Ashley showered Ooni with wishes to celebrate his coronation anniversary.

Queen Tobi Phillips joined her to congratulate the monarch on a new terror.

She said she was surrounded by too many blessings to be ungrateful.

She prays for him and she writes:

Congratulations on your 7th Year Coronation Anniversary Kabiyesi Mi.

Long May you reign HIM @ooniadimulaife.

Igba Odun kan ni o
E pe lo ri ite awon baba yin l’ase eledumare.

Too many blessings to be ungrateful”.

Olori Ashley celebrates Ooni’s 7th year on throne.

Queen Tobi’s post is coming hours after, Olori Ashley had poured encomiums on him.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, she eulogised the King for being a strong support system to everyone that comes in contact with him.

Singing his praises, she praised him for his courage and for being a true leader.

Olori Ashley applauded him for how he handles issues, ignores distractions and focus on what’s important, which is HUMANITY.

The fourth wife of the King went on to say powerful prayers for him.

“I give God the glory for preserving your life to see SEVEN beautiful years on the throne of your forefathers my CROWN JEWEL. I am proud to call you my HUSBAND and I am proud to call you my FATHER. You have been a strong support to everyone that has come in contact with you. The journey has not been easy, but God knew what he was doing when he chose you on the throne. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, I admire your strength in all situations and challenges. I love your courage, you are a true leader and a true reincarnation on this throne you occupy.”

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