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Osimhen Plays Down Big-Club Talks After Winning Serie A Title


Osimhen Plays Down Big-Club Talks After Winning Serie A Title

Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has brushed off rumours that he would leave the club after scoring the club’s historic Scudetto-winning goal against Udinese on Thursday night to help his side secure the title.

With his goal in the 52nd minute that evened the score, the Nigerian forward broke Samuel Eto’o’s record of 21 goals for an individual season in Serie A, becoming the highest-scoring African player to play in the league.

For the first time in 33 years, Napoli had to avoid losing in order to claim the league title. The game concluded in a 1–1 draw, and Osimhen rose to the challenge by scoring.

Along with United, a number of other major clubs have expressed interest in the Super Eagles striker. According to reports, Chelsea, Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain, and Bayern Munich are all closely observing the player’s next move.

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In an interview with Sky Sport Italia, Osimhen stated that he ‘couldn’t wait’ to return to Naples and celebrate the Scudetto with the people.

“I’m thrilled with this victory,” Osimhen said. “I’m happy for me, for the team, and for the fans.

“I can’t wait to come back in Naples to embrace our fans, even though tonight I already felt the warmth of the people. I’m happy for all the Neapolitans.

“I scored the Scudetto goal, it’s true, but anyone else could have scored it.

“I feel like a leader and I never give up. Future? Now I want to enjoy this historic moment, this is not the time to think about my future.”

The striker saved some appreciation for his management, who has been instrumental in shaping his career since he joined in 2021.

“Spalletti is a great coach, he asks us a lot but he is like a father to all of us,” Osimhen continued.

“He always manages to motivate us and he deserves this title.”

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