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Stop Migrating To The US And Canada, NIS Warns Nigerians


Stop Migrating To The US And Canada, NIS Warns Nigerians

Nigeria Immigration (NIS) has warned Nigerians about the risks of unauthorized immigration in order to prevent them from wasting their future.

Isah Jere; the comptroller-general of NIS, issued the warning on Thursday at a news conference in Abuja.

The NIS spokesman Tony Akuneme spoke on behalf of Mr. Jere, who stated that the immigration department was committed to educating Nigerians about the risks associated with unauthorized migration.

Many Nigerians are willing to leave the nation but are unsure of what to do or where to go, according to the comptroller-general.

“People are being brainwashed by agents of irregular migration, and you think life is better on the other side,” he said. “Who says there are no beggars in Canada, the USA, or the UK? There are beggars and homeless people in these countries you are rushing to.”

According to the NIS boss, a person may travel if they have legal employment waiting for them, admittance to the school, or any other tangible legal means of subsistence.

“If the young people are told that the Libya they are going to is not better than Nigeria, that will at least give them a rethink,” he added. “You can’t be excited going to a country you know nothing about.”

According to him, young people who left Nigeria do not use the passport that was given to them.

“So what’s the point in getting a document you don’t need and putting pressure on the system?” he argued.

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