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APC makes N16.47bn from sales of presidential, guber, Senate forms


APC makes N16.47bn from sales of presidential, guber, Senate forms

Calculations by Agnes Isika Blog has shown that the All Progressives Congress (APC) made about N16.47 billion from the sales of nomination and expression of interest forms for Presidential, Governorship, and Senate aspirants.

Ripples Nigeria arrived at these estimates by looking at the number of aspirants revealed by Felix Morka, National Publicity Secretary of APC ahead of the party’s primaries.

Speaking on Arise TV on Thursday, Morka revealed that 28 politicians picked the party’s presidential form, 133 aspirants picked the governorship forms, and 351 paid for Senate forms.

The presidential nomination form in APC goes for N100 million; the governorship form is sold for N50 million while the Senate form goes for N20 million.

For the Presidential forms the 28 aspirants would have netted the party a total of N2.8 billion.

Morka however stated that only 25 applicants had submitted their forms at the time of speaking.

The governorship form, which costs N50 million, brought in N6.65 billion, while senate candidates paid N7.02 billion, according to statistics provided by the party’s spokesman.

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