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Monday Perspective

Be a helper

When you notice something is wrong with another person, what is your first reaction?

Eli made a snap judgment before he knew all the facts. (I Sam. 1:12-14). It’s easy to misinterpret someone’s intentions when they act in a certain way.

Someone may be going through a tough time and may act very strangely toward us, much like Hannah did.
Before you make a judgment, find out what a person may be going through. We all know the story of Hannah and that part of God’s plan for her involved postponing her years of child bearing. While people were looking at her outward circumstances, God was moving ahead with His plan.

Think of those around who are struggling with God’s timing in answering their prayers and who need your help and encouragement. If you aid others who are down, they may be able to keep their confidence in God and trust in His perfect timing for their lives.

Stay blessed🙏

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