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Children Are Gift From God

Children Are Gift From God

Children are gift from God. They are blessings from Him; this blessing is most pronounced and appreciated in the way that they take care of their parents at old age, showering them with lots of love and taking care of their parents like little children.
Children can be seen in different lights; they could be young human beings that are not yet adults; they could be looked at as offspring of parents irrespective of their age; they could also be adopted children from orphanage homes.

Blessing in the same way can be seen in different ways; it could be God’s help and protection; approval of, or permission for something; something that is good and helpful.

God in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is the Being or Spirit that is worshipped and is believed to have created the universe. Christians believe He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the One who makes all things possible.

Back to the topic at hand “children are a blessing from God.” I will centre my article on the definition of children as offspring of parents/adopted children by parents who have chosen to want and care for these wonderful creatures. In a way everyone on earth is a child, we all are children.

In the Bible, the book of Genesis 4:1-2 it says; “Adam had intercourse with his wife, and she became pregnant. She bore a son and said, “By the Lord’s help I have gotten a son.” So, she named him Cain.” In the same light the book of Sirach 30:4-6 says; “while the father is alive, the sight of his son makes him happy and when he dies he has no regrets. He is not really dead because his son is like him. He has left someone to take vengeance on his enemies and to return the favors he owes his friends.”

I have talked to a couple of newly delivered mothers during my hospital visitations and they shared the pain and joy they felt. While in labor, they feel an excruciating pain, they feel they can’t contain the pain anymore and suddenly the period of pain is over and they deliver with joy the young child, and all the pain they felt can never be compared with the joy they feel at beholding their newly born baby.

Children are a blessing from God because of so many factors:  While as infants they give their parents the responsibility of doing things for them. Making them look neat, well dressed, healthy, and also giving them lots of attention and playing with them.

Between the ages of 3 & 5, they talk endlessly with their parents, ask questions, by their actions they teach everyone to love and forgive easily, they go about with their childlike attitude which can touch even a hardened criminal parent, except they avoid being with such children.

As they grow up, some choose their father or mother to be their best friend, so they tell them things that happen to them and seek their counsel and advice. Most children are good companions to their parents. They make their parents proud of them by doing well in their endeavors.

They help out with chores, and as they continue to grow and start earning a living they help out financially too; they love their parents and are really attached to them. They help their parents to exhibit their leadership roles. They take great care of their parents when they are old, fragile or sick and this time they take care of them like little children showering them with lots of love and care.

However, I can’t but also note that some children have been a constant source of pain to their parents, and have brought them disgrace through their bad actions. But this cannot be compared with the joy such a parent felt at the child’s birth, if the parent truly wanted the child. And no matter what, nothing can take away the love of a parent from their children.

Children are blessings from God because they come from God for the good of the parents and God takes care of them for their parents all through their growing ages and make them care for their parents when they are old. It is through God’s divine blessings of parents with children that there is a continuity in human existence. Scientists have tried but it is only God that has given parents this divine blessing called “CHILDREN.”

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