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Do Not Go Away From The Way


Do Not Go Away From The Way

Acts 13:26-33
John 14:1-6

In today’s gospel, Thomas is confused and asks Jesus for directions to get to the Father. Jesus says, it is simple: “I AM the way.” His direct answer is both heartening, and at times, difficult to understand. But Jesus asks us as he did His first disciples, “Follow me.”
To follow the Lord, there is no compromise with holiness in his relationships with sinners, because one of the very characteristics of God’s holiness is the way he reaches out in mercy to those in need (1:46-53). God graciously takes the sinner who is responsive to him and begins the work of transformation.

Have you delayed your own passion to follow Jesus because you are afraid of where he will send you? Maybe you have forgotten how important just being a true witness in the every day is to the work of the Kingdom of God.
Christ accompanies us every step of the way. As He teaches in Matthew 28:20: “I am with you always, until the end of the age.” We just need to pause and center ourselves, then turn once again to Him. We need not to go away from the WAY. Do not let circumstances pull you out of rest. Don’t let panicked people cause you to panic. Do not focus on the size of the problem. Focus on the size of our God. He controls the universe and be like the unnamed many and spend some time around the table in fellowship with Jesus. Even the quiet disciples are welcomed with “well done good and faithful servant” when it is time to cross the other side of life.

Fr Joseph Osho

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