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Do What Makes You Happy

Do What Makes You Happy

Do What Makes You Happy

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re doing great?
I am doing great as well.
It gives me so much joy, to pen down another of my experience with you all on a story I was told. So sit back relax and enjoy🤣🤣. This story talks more about careers.

A well-known woman married the love of her life, her husband wanted her to neglect her career and concentrate on their marriage saying that if she visits Instagram, Facebook, and all other social media that it will be a distraction in their home.

The sole called husband made sure he stopped her from attending social gatherings, seeing friends, and even her family members and she had to quit her job as well,🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ she threw away what she has labored for all because she wanted to please her man🤔🤔🤔. Her friends visited her and tried to make her see reasons with the wrong decision she made but she embarrassed them by walking them out of her house.

She does not go out again, she does not mingle with friends and family. She keeps to herself, she accepts anything and everything the husband says, she does not argue with him by letting him know how she feels about his decisions. The husband felt everything he said was right and must be carried out accordingly. The truth is she was not happy with the husband’s decision but pretended all was well.

Before marriage, she was a damsel, she was a goal getter but after marriage, she became an old woman who does not take proper care of herself.

Anytime she request for fund from her husband, he will tell her that she does not need it, after all, she has all she needs in the house. The husband goes around with different girls and comes back late, leaving her all alone in their big mansion. Some men can be terrible

This lady was depressed, she was abandoned, she was frustrated. She could no longer take it, so she went to her mother’s place and her mum was so shocked to see her fashionista daughter looking unkempt. The mother was so shocked, she could not believe what she was seeing. She begged her mum for money to get some things. Someone that used to give money to her mother is now the one begging for money.  O ma se

To cut the long story short, she repackaged herself and left her matrimonial home. She divorced the man and forged ahead with her career.

The lessons from the story is that we should learn to express ourselves by speaking out. I believe they should have discussed all this during courtship. Too many of us are not living our dreams, we are living with fear, because we don’t want to offend people.

We sometimes change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.

I believe we should stick to what we derive pleasure in doing. Above all, we must choose to be happy irrespective of the circumstances we face.

Thank You💋💋💋

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