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Fired Spacex Workers Sue Company For Unjustly Terminating Elon Musk Critics

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Fired Spacex Workers Sue Company For Unjustly Terminating Elon Musk Critics

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, is being sued by eight former workers who claim he fired them for reporting widespread s*xual harassment and an unfriendly work environment akin to an “Animal House.”

Elon Musk Takes Control Of Twitter, Fires Executives

The workers shared a 2022 open letter to management over the business intranet, outlining their grievances, and they used this letter to file the lawsuit in a state court in California.

Four of the plaintiffs were fired the following day, they claimed, and others were let go after an internal probe. Nine sacked employees brought up concerns that led to the US National Labor Relations Board filing its lawsuit against SpaceX in January.

The open letter expressed concerns about several aspects of the workplace and demanded that executives hold all staff members accountable for inappropriate behavior and denounce Mr. Musk’s public behavior on X, the platform that was formerly known as Twitter. One of Mr.

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Musk’s moves were to trivialize accusations of s*xual harassment against him, which the billionaire refuted.

“As our CEO and most prominent spokesperson, Elon is seen as the face of SpaceX — every tweet that Elon sends is a de facto public statement by the company,” the open letter said at the time. The letter also referred to Mr. Musk’s actions as a “frequent source of distraction and embarrassment”.

Unspecified monetary damages are what the plaintiffs are requesting.

The grievance established links between SpaceX’s workplace culture and Mr. Musk’s actions, particularly his frequently pornographic tweets. Many of the incorrect examples given in a 2021 “appropriate behavior” employee training “closely resembled the contents of Mr. Musk’s tweets,” according to Yaman Abdulhak, one of the plaintiffs.

The complaint said that after sending samples of those tweets to the SpaceX human resources director, Mr. Abdulhak received no response. An email request for comment from SpaceX was not immediately answered.

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