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Former Employee Change Company’s Facebook Page Into Dating Hotspot


Former Employee Change Company’s Facebook Page Into Dating Hotspot

A former worker of a debt collection agency in Zimbabwe is accused of spreading false information after it was claimed that she changed the business’ Facebook page of the agency into a dating website.

Administrator Faith Ratidzo Chaitezvi, 33, is currently being held to face the consequences of her actions in court.

Chaitezvi had full access to the company’s Facebook page when she was an administrator at MSC Collections, and it appears that even after she was sacked, her privileges were not suspended.

She reportedly took matters into her own hands after she was terminated from her position due to misconduct and she allegedly took advantage of her position and renamed the company’s Facebook page to ‘Social Vibes.’

It is further alleged she posted content on the Facebook page, claiming that it was now dedicated to “s*x and relationships.”

The unexpected transformation left both the company and its clients in a state of shock and concern. The explicit nature of the content on the Facebook page did not go unnoticed by MSC Collections’ clients.

Disturbed by the sudden change, they reached out to the company’s directors to express their concerns about the inappropriate messages being transmitted through the platform.

In response to the alarming situation, MSC Collections promptly reported the matter to the police. The authorities took swift action, leading to the arrest of Faith Ratidzo Chaitezvi.

According to a local publication, the case is being prosecuted by Grace Mugocheke.

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