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Maximizing the power of solitude – Monday Motivation

Maximizing the power of solitude – Monday Motivation

We almost always wish that things go our way all of the time. But life is often not a straight line graph and our predictions are by no means laws. We many times encounter situations that appear to box us in a corner, where everything appears both lonely and dry.

In that state, we question and bemoan our situations creating room for more loneliness and robbing us of the will to take those crucial steps that are vital to our moving forward.

Some times, we are tempted to desperately maneuver our way out of our testing ground and thus out of the will of God. The end is a path of ‘no return’ which is often both detrimental and undesirable.

But this week, God wants you to keep your focus on Him and be resolute about your goals, dreams and aspirations, knowing that delays many times are part of the beautiful colours God skillfully weave into the fabrics of our lives, so He could teach us the invaluable lessons of faith, patience and tolerance. Good morning and have a blessed week ahead.

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