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INSPIRATION: My Story Of Self Love

INSPIRATION: My Story Of Self Love


A saying that I hear the most is “To love someone else, you have to love yourself first.” So what does loving yourself even mean? Does it mean you have to love every single thing about yourself? Does it mean self-care and putting yourself first???

Everyone has a different definition of what self-love means and for years I have been struggling to find my definition.

I didn’t know how to love myself, and the most frustrating thing for me was no one could help me. I always thought that nothing could fix me and my negative thoughts about myself, but throughout my self-journey, I learned that I don’t need to be fixed because I was not broken. All I had to do was change some things and my mindset to figure out how to love myself more.

Change is constant yet so hard, I tried hard to change my self-hatred thoughts. I always felt like I was not good enough (as many of us do), and I couldn’t stop thinking about my flaws. I tried to say positive affirmations to myself, and I tried to smile more and spend a little more time by myself.
However, nothing seemed to be working. I might have loved myself for a day, but that love never lasted.

It wasn’t until I met love in a mentor and understood how to love, that was when I decided to step into this beautiful journey of self-love. Love is a beginning of a journey to happiness. When you get it or feel it, it brings peace to your soul. Self-love is the regard to one’s happiness. I was finally ready to start loving myself more and more.

The keyword is “Ready”. I was not ready before but now I am. I was not ready to understand why I did not love myself, and I was not ready to truly dig deep and know who I am as a person. Once I dived into this journey of loving myself, it was so powerful.

The most important thing for me is to distance myself from people who bring me down. I don’t worry about folks who do not care about me because I now know my WORTH! But I had made a lot of progress and feel so much happier deep down within me.

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I am starting to find joy in the smallest things, and I think that’s what life is all about: being able to make yourself happy through the littlest things.

Being in no relationship is better than being in the wrong one. I make friends with people that will motivate, inspire and respect me.
To be successful in life, one must fail sometimes and so I don’t let the fear of making the wrong decision prevent me from making any decision at all.

I show gratitude to God for who I am, what I have right now, and where I am heading to. My time on this planet is more precious than Silver or Gold.
I Love Myself!

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