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Late Access Bank CEO’s varsity, Wigwe University to kick off August


Late Access Bank CEO’s varsity, Wigwe University to kick off August

Wigwe University founded by the late Chief Executive Officer of Access Bank, Herbert Wigwe, is set to officially launch operational activities by August 2024.

The university which is situated in Isiokpo in the Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State will offer a diverse range of programmes across four major colleges, including the College of Management and Social Sciences, the College of Art, the College of Science and Computing, and the College of Engineering.

In early January 2024, the private university appointed Prof. Miles Davis from the United States as its pioneer Vice-Chancellor.

Davis holds a Doctorate in Human and Organisational Sciences from The George Washington University, USA.

Sitting on the Board of Trustees is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and the Founding Partner of Kenna Partners, Prof. Fabian Ajogwu. Others include Dr. Ajoritsedere Awosika, and Mrs. Mosunmola Belo-Olusoga, among others.

A check on the school’s website revealed that all its programmes are “delivered to an international standard, in collaboration with key international partners. Our approach puts us in touch with world-leading curricula, joint research and international exchanges and internship programmes.

“Wigwe University, with its innovative approach to higher education and strong commitment to research, community engagement, and academic excellence, is poised to shape Africa’s future as a leader in global education. The institution’s blend of home-based and foreign faculty members promises to instill a sense of purpose, foster creativity, and inspire a new generation of well-rounded fearless leaders who will make a significant impact on the world.”

Further checks showed that the cheapest college is Arts with a total fee of N9,600,00. Students taking courses in the College of Engineering, College of Management and Social Sciences, and College of Science and Computing will pay a total fee of  ₦11,998,800 each.

The fees cover tuition, books, laboratory supplies and consumables, personal protective equipment, project lab resources, e-learning resources, and health insurance, among others.

The late founder, Wigwe, died in a helicopter crash alongside his wife Chizoba, and son Chizzy in California on February 9, 2024.

In his message found on the school’s website page, Wigwe stated, “I cannot change the world overnight. But if I can empower even one youth today, tomorrow, they could join me in empowering others. With time, we could change the world.”

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