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Memorial Of St.Dominic


Memorial Of St.Dominic

St.Dominic. Ezekiel 1:2-5,24-28
Matthew 17:22-27

He was free not to pay the tax but he did…

Today’s Gospel begins with Jesus predicting his crucifixion, then moves abruptly to the question the collectors of the Temple tax asked of Peter: “Doesn’t your teacher pay the Temple tax?”  Peter answered “Sure, he does.”  How else could he have answered?  During Jesus’ day, all male Israelites paid this tax, about two days’ wages, annually to support the expenses of the Temple.

Jesus, however, is claiming a deduction, even insisting he’s fully exempt from this tax as son. No king taxes his own son, his family.  They are exempt.  The king in the Gospel story is God and Jesus is his son.  As such, Jesus is exempt from paying a tax for his father’s house, the Temple.Although Jesus does not have to pay the tax, he pays it anyway.  Giving Peter a strange order, he tells him to go fishing.  Look into the mouth of the first fish he catches and he will find a coin, worth twice the annual Temple tax.  Here, as it were, the fish symbolizes God’s surprising extravagant provision.  God supplies enough to pay the tax for both Jesus and Peter. God is the Great provider.

Where is the Good News in this peculiar story?  Just this:  God treated Peter, this sinner, as his son and paid his tax.  Likewise, your taxes and mine have been paid for through the precious blood of the Lamb of God. Jesus didn’t have to, but he paid the “tax” anyway – and in the most extravagant way, with his life.  He redeemed us at the cross.  And at our baptism, we became adopted sons and daughters of the king.  We became heirs to the kingdom.  Sinners we may be, but strangers we are not.  We are part of Christ’s mystical body. We are part of God’s royal family.

God bless


This article is written by Rev Fr. Joseph Osho OSJ. Please visit his personal blog @
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