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Mother Sues Facebook For Daughter’s Mental Health Problem


Mother Sues Facebook For Daughter’s Mental Health Problem

Overuse of social media is a real problem people face almost every day. This can distract you from some important “real-life” responsibilities and you start to compare your life to what you see on social media.

A mother in Colorado has sued Facebook alleging that the social media platform contributed to her daughter’s mental health issues.

Cecilia Tesh, the mother of 13-year-old RP, whose full name is not in court documents, filed the lawsuit in US District Court in Denver, Fox 5. According to,

Court documents describe RP as a heavy Facebook user who started using the platform at the age of seven.

“RP’s interest in any activity other than viewing and posting on Facebook progressively decreased,” the lawsuit states.

Tesch is suing Facebook for negligence, fraud, liability as well as intentional emotional distress, among other reasons.

Tesh’s lawyers said the 13-year-old daughter developed several health problems after becoming addicted to Facebook.

“Later-developed injuries, including but not limited to body dysmorphia, eating disorder, self-harm, severe anxiety, depression, and decreased motivation to do school work or socialize with family and peers, say the lawyers.

Lawyers also claim that the social media giant has a design that “allows children and adolescents to use, become addicted to, and abuse its product without the consent of the parents of users, such as Cecilia Tesh.”

Lawyers also allege that Facebook doesn’t warn parents about the potential downsides and dangers of addictive behavior also claiming that the company does not take “ordinary care” to prevent the potential negative effects of overuse.

“Algorithms in defendant’s social media products exploit adolescent users’ psychological resilience due to reduced decision-making abilities, impulse control, emotional maturity, and incomplete brain development of users,” the lawsuit states.

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