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Motherhood: Nurturing Children Into Well-Balanced Adults 5

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Motherhood: Nurturing Children Into Well-Balanced Adults 5

Hello Great Mothers! The word ‘nurture’ is derived from the Latin word ‘ nutritura’ which means to nurse, nourish, and foster growth. Children are to be nurtured, and according to this must start from birth and go on through life. To nurture a kid is to provide for their needs, foster and develop their talents, value them, and raise them into well-balanced adults.

In the first series of this article, nurturing was divided into four categories: meeting a child’s physical needs, emotional/ psychological needs, mental/ intellectual needs, and spiritual needs. The first three categories have been discussed in previous articles. We will be discussing the last category, spiritual needs in this article.

The Spiritual Realm: Nurturing our Children’s Spiritual Life

The early lives of our children are very significant as it forms their mental, emotional, and spiritual lives for the future
So, we must teach them to know and love God while they are still young. The seed of faith must be planted in them at this stage. This seed will grow with them as they grow, and this seed will help conform our children’s life to the standard of God.

Steps to take to plant the seed of faith in our Children.
1) Teach them about God through His words; take time to study the Bible with your kids every day. We must feed them spiritually, especially in the early years of their life. They will live according to God’s ways when they know His words.
2) Practice family worship
3) Teach them the core doctrines of Christianity; this knowledge will enable them to stand up for their faith as they grow.
4) Pray with, and for them, and also teach them how to pray
5) Be a role model, this is very vital as your child’s perception of God is modeled after his/her perception of you. As mothers, we are always with our children and so innocently, they look up to us for everything, they see God in us. Therefore, our children will find it easier to connect with God If we are loving, joyful, caring, peaceful, and forgiving. However, if we are uncaring, harsh, and hostile, our children will believe that God is distant and unconcerned about them.

Nurturing is not easy, but it is worth it. With determination and God’s help, we can nurture our children into well-balanced adults.

Kindly join me next time for another interesting topic.


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