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Motherhood: Spending Quality Time With Your Kids 2

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Motherhood: Spending Quality Time With Your Kids 2

Hello Great Mothers! In my last article, we began with an interesting topic; Spending quality time with our kids. Please note this, spending Quality time, and not the quantity of time. Quality time is preferable to quantity time since it allows for a closer bond with your child and gives you insightful knowledge on their growth. Studies show that our children’s development is greatly influenced by the quality of time we spend with them and not the quantity. Therefore, spending quality time with your children rather than quantity of time with them has a greater impact on their social, emotional, and intellectual development. These regular quality times with our kids are a wonderful period that helps foster memories, and solid family ties and assists kids in developing emotional control. Their future is influenced by the quality of time they spend together.

How can we spend quality time with our children?

1) Go for a walk with your Kids:
Taking a walk around allows you to notice details in your neighborhood, and discuss them. Walking also helped them focus better, be happy, and be calmer.

2) Talk at Bed Time:
The day may be busy, with so many chores to do, and the children may be busy with their school work, hence, bedtime is the best time to connect with our kids. This can be done 15 minutes before their bedtime. According to studies, Kids reveal their deepest emotions and ask profound questions at bedtime. This is because, at this time, they feel more secure and relaxed. With this, bedtime creates the chance to connect with our children. You want to take advantage of this special moment. It is not enough to kiss your children goodbye at night and close the door to their rooms outside, but rather close the door from inside and spend quality time together connecting. Try it today and you and your kids will always look forward to it.

Discussion on different ways we can harness to spend quality time with our children will be continued in my next article.

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