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Motherhood: Spending Quality Time With Your Kids

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Motherhood: Spending Quality Time With Your Kids

Hello Great Mothers! Time! Time! Time! Can mothers ever have enough time within 24 hours to do all the things needed to be done? It is no news that mothers have tons of responsibilities to deal with daily. Though some of these choices may be given out for someone to help, there are still lots of chores waiting for the mother personally. Despite all these,1it is essential for every mother to spend Quality Time with her children.

You may spend long hours with your child in a day, and not pay the child no attention. This divided attention usually makes children irritated and yearn for the love of their mother. Therefore, it is advisable we plan and carefully set out a few hours every week, or a few minutes every day, to play and interact with our kids.

But the constant demand for our attention as mothers may make us feel trapped. With the children to take care of, laundry piled up, and other tasks around the house pleading for our attention, coupled with being a working mother, It may be difficult to create time to spend quality time with our children.

However, the benefits of investing quality time, for both mother and children outweigh the time and effort required to carve out the time, despite our hectic schedule. Children benefit much from quality time since it typically leads to bonding between mother and child.

When we give our children our complete, undivided attention;

● We truly feel what they feel
● We share in their excitement
● We find ourselves in their realm of imagination and we experience those magic moments with them.
● we are reminded of the beauty of their innocence.
● We bonded with our kids

As our child receives our undivided attention, they draw from us whatever they require to understand, grow, heal, even, and reach their full potential.

More of this will be discussed in my next article.

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