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Motherhood; Spending Quality Time With Your Kids 3

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Motherhood; Spending Quality Time With Your Kids 3

Hello Great Mothers! As we move close to the end of the year and we are analyzing our activities in the year so far, to know the areas we have done well and the news that needs more effort on our part to improve on, checking how we have to be able to create quality time to spend with our kids should not be swept under the carpets. This is because of its great importance, especially in building strong relationships between us and our children.

This strong connection with our kids from childhood helps them to be able to trust us with happenings in their lives as they grow into teenagers. They will be free to let us into their lives at the adolescent stage, we will not be shut out of their lives. Do you see its great importance?

We began the discussion on how to spend quality time with our kids even in our busy schedules, to make it more fun for both mother and child in my last articles. Other ways are;

Get your children involved in chores; let them be involved in the shopping decisions. Take them along when going to the grocery store, allow them to help you pick items from the shelf, and pack and offload when you get home. Allowing them to choose a few snacks at the store will make the whole experience much more interesting.
Play games with your kid. Make it entertaining, and do it frequently. Seize every chance to smile and have fun in each other’s presence. While assisting your child in the bathroom, perform a funny dance, sing along with him or her in the car as you go to the store, and spend some time after school swinging on the playground. Turn off the TV, the computer, or your phone and play with your child one-on-one at home by getting down to their level. You might be shocked by how enjoyable it can be.

Creating time out of your busy schedule to play and connect with your kids can be fun and relaxing. It will relieve you of the day’s stress.

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