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The Unpredictable Mother:

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The Unpredictable Mother:

Beloved Mothers, welcome to today’s post.
I am sure you are excited as I am, because this article will help us discover who we are as mothers, bring to our consciousness our character; the ones impacting our children positively and the ones impacting them negatively.

The essence is for us to know the characters we need to work on because of their effects on our children.

In my previous article, we talked about the first type of mother; the Perfectionist Mother. They are Mothers who set high standards for themselves and their children.

The second type of mother is the unpredictable mother. This type of mother can also be called the moody or emotional mother.

Mothers who fall into this category:
● Raise their children based on their present and emotional state.
● Frequently invents problems in their head and makes them real (even if they aren’t usually).
● Are chaotic or unorganized in nature.
● They can quickly become distracted, which causes them to pay less attention to their kids.
● They may also find it challenging to resolve problems quickly, especially those that require immediate attention.

Children do not flourish in an unorganized environment. However, the following are the impacts of this type of motherhood on the children.

● Because many of the issues developed are not based on truth, it is challenging for children of an unpredictable mother to comprehend reality.
● Strong emotions like melancholy, worry, or rage may be overwhelming these kids.
● They often develop the abilities to read people and understand their emotions.
● They are very good at showing empathy.
● They are very supportive

If you discover that you fall in this category, do not worry, with conscious effort to attend to and resolve issues one at a time will be of great help.

Has this article been useful? Kindly drop your comments.


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