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My Biggest Regret Is That My Brother, James Brown, Helped Me Become Famous- Gracious Brown


My Biggest Regret Is That My Brother, James Brown, Helped Me Become Famous- Gracious Brown

Gracious, the younger sister of James Brown has share her regrets after her disagreement with the crossdresser.

The influencer and content producer claimed that her biggest regret in life is that her brother’s support and influence helped her become well-known.

Gracious revealed this in a recent conversation with Lagosian Egungun. James openly rejected his sister for backing his neighbors in a fight against him, and as a result, the two have since grown distant.

The young woman refuted his assertion, explaining that even though her brother was at fault in the incident, she still supported James.

Gracious expatiated on her regrets emanating from the knowledge that James has always flaunted the fact that she made fame through him and always threatens her on several occasions.

According to the brand influencer, James knows her passwords and has access to her social media accounts, which he has disabled on numerous times.

She said she trusted him as her manager since he was family, however, she could not believe he would do such a thing to her.

No sibling is perfect, we argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, we are family, and our love for each other will always be there. Gracious and James should put their differences aside and embrace each other with love.

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