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Okada Rider Arrested After Attempting To Rape Under Aged Passenger


Okada Rider Arrested After Attempting To Rape Under Aged Passenger

A commercial biker has been detained by the Ogun So-Safe Corps for reportedly kidnapping, trying to rape and murder a female passenger in the Sango-Ota region of the state.

Idowu Adebayo, a 21-year-old okada rider, was detained on Tuesday in connection with the kidnapping and attempted murder of Blessing John, a 17-year-old passenger.

According to reports made to the Lisa/ Divisional Headquarters of So-Safe Corps by residents of Ayegbe village, Lisa in the Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State, Adebayo was observed struggling with the teenage girl at around 6:30 pm on Tuesday.

The victim, Blessing John, was said to have gone to the Joju market in Sango Ota, Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area, to buy vegetables for her mother.

The victim was on her way home when she saw Adebayo, who was riding his okada. She stopped him and negotiated the price to return home from Joju market.

According to a statement made by Soji Ganzallo, the state commander of the corps, “the Okada rider took the girl from Abule Iroko via Itoki village to a bush in Ayegbe village and attempted to rape and kill her before she was rescued by some farmers, who heard her call for help and rushed to the scene, while So-Safe was contacted.”

Ganzallo stated that the victim was taken by the corps’ operations team, who then quickly grabbed the culprit.

Ganzallo claimed that he had given the order to revisit the crime scene as part of the initial inquiry and to make sure that it is not a hideout for criminals.

Ganzallo also gave the Corps’ Zonal Commander instructions to make sure that no forest or bush in that axis goes unexplored.

He revealed that the suspect has been moved to the Nigerian Police Force’s Ifo Divisional Headquarters for additional investigation and perhaps prosecution.

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