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Pray For More Laborers!Pray For A Bountiful Harvest!


Pray For More Laborers!Pray For A Bountiful Harvest!

Tuesday of week 14 in Ordinary Time 

Hosea 8:4-7,​11-13
Psalm 113B(115):3-10
Matthew 9:32-37

The teachings of Jesus emphasize the gift of eternal life and boundless love. His ministry involved actively engaging with communities, disseminating the Gospel, and providing healing for various ailments. Jesus showcased deep empathy for those afflicted, likening them to “sheep without a shepherd,” signifying his investment in alleviating their distress.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of his disciples, Jesus articulated the significance of a bountiful spiritual harvest and entrusted them with the responsibility of advocating for those in need while disseminating the message of the imminent Kingdom of heaven.

Central to Jesus’s mission is the pursuit of eternal life in Christ. He urges us to pray for a plentiful harvest and an increased workforce for His kingdom. As heirs to the sacred tradition and the teachings of the Church Fathers, we are called to lead others to salvation and eternal life.

Expressing genuine interest in people, emanating from our faith, amplifies the embodiment of Jesus’s unconditional love. Our actions, modeled after our faith, substantiate our shared beliefs and bring to life the essence of Jesus’s love for all.

Let us actively engage in benevolent deeds and propagate the redemptive message of salvation. In a world teeming with goodness, if one cannot find it, let them endeavor to embody it.

Fr Joseph Osho

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