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Spanish Soldiers Organized Raffle With A Prostitute As The Top Prize


Spanish Soldiers Organized Raffle With A Prostitute As The Top Prize

Some Spanish soldiers are reportedly being investigated for allegedly organizing a raffle where the top prize was a prostitute.

Army leaders claimed that state prosecutors had been notified so that they can decide whether to open an official investigation.

Approximately 70 squaddies from the El Bruc barracks in the Pedralbes neighborhood of Barcelona were part of the WhatsApp group, according to the daily Catalan newspaper Ara, which claimed to have seen the messages exchanged. This is when the scandal first surfaced on Tuesday.

A dinner that was planned on Thursday to honor Immaculate Conception Day, a Spanish bank holiday, is claimed to have included everyone who paid €25 in addition to those who were not attending the meal but paid €3 to enter the lottery.

The money raised in the raffle was due to go towards festivities organised by the regiment at the centre of the scandal, which has been identified as I/63.

After one of the WhatsApp group members reported the issue, it is believed that the troops’ supervisors informed the authorities.

Ada Colau, the mayor of Barcelona, voiced her displeasure over the situation and demanded an “immediate investigation,” noting that it is an insult to the principles of a public institution.

“I feel there needs to be a significant transformation so these types of views don’t have any place in a public institution,” the mayor of a city that is proudly feminist remarked.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Spain’s interior minister, said: “I am not familiar with the situation, but it sounds horrible.

“I would denounce it and want to see an investigation if it happened as stated.”

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