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St John The Baptist


St John The Baptist

What is the significance of the birth of St John the Baptist to the story of our salvation in Christ?

No one can be herald of the Messiah if not chosen by God.
St John the Baptist is one of those whom the Church celebrates twice a year. In June his birth and in August his death. He brought joy to his old barren mother, Elizabeth. At the visitation of Our saviour’s mother, he leapt in the womb of his mother. At his birth, his father’s tongue was released and the people were puzzled and wondered what he will become.

His God-given mission was assigned to him before his birth. He brought glory to the people of God through his humility, he shared in the mission of Christ. He took the word of God in mind just like Isaiah and began to speak the truth. He became a messenger of God, Christ is the message. John the Baptist became the voice and Christ is the word.

When we think deeper about it, our existence too is in God’s plan even before we were born. God has a plan and mission for each of us just as He had a plan and a mission for Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist. etc. John the Baptist went on to fulfill his mission in life and prepared the way for the Saviour. How do you see your role as a bearer of the Good News of Jesus in today’s world? What thoughts and feelings do you have when you realize that you have been called by God from before your birth? What can you do to remind others of the ‘graciousness of God” within them and how they can boost their performance in life if they cooperate with the grace of God?

Let us speak in a truth boldly and humbly put ourselves today in this very story surrounding our salvation that like Zechariah and Elizabeth we are happy that God has intervened in our lives. Like the crowd fearful but marvels at the wonders of God or like join the baptist who prepared the way for Jesus.

Like John the Baptist, may you be a true, humble and steadfast witness to Christ.
May you be great before God and man. And may St John the Baptist and Mary mother of God pray for you.
Ire yin ko ni s’eyin yin l’oruko Jesu

God bless you


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