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Tonto Dikeh: It’s Embarrassing For NDLEA To Partner With Naira Marley


Tonto Dikeh: It’s Embarrassing For NDLEA To Partner With Naira Marley

Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh says it is “a big embarrassment” for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to collaborate with Naira Marley.

Earlier today, the agency enlisted the singer for its War Against Drug Abuse (WADA) advocacy campaign.

Femi Babafemi, the NDLEA spokesperson, in a post on X — formerly Twitter — said the agency will on Friday put out the singer’s first message against drug abuse.

The development has continued to trigger widespread criticism on social media.

Joining the fray, Tonto Dikeh expressed her disappointment with NDLEA, saying, “the agency is unserious”.

The movie star also threatened to unfollow the agency on social media.

“I’ll unfollow now…You guys are the most unserious set of folks!!! And if you come for me I’ll be ready!!!!! Shit hole!!! shittier home!!!” she wrote on Instagram.

The actress added that her displeasure is not with the singer — who is known to smoke marijuana in public — but with the agency.

“I do not involve my self in bullsh*t, especially other people’s bullsh*t. This I must say is the biggest embarrassment from any government agency/drug law enforcement agency,” she wrote.

“I would like to say more but I will wait for @ndlea_nigeria to pick me up for an interview/Drug test/ or just a chat on why I am bold enough to call them out!!!! Sirs/ma’s I am ready.

“You know my address, I will ask you do it respectfully otherwise we’ll have a problem. And if I am replied I will gladly respond disrespectfully. I have absolutely nothing wrong on the said artist but the government.”

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