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By Standing Firm, You Will Win Your Soul


By Standing Firm, You Will Win Your Soul

Rev 15:1-4
Luke 21:12-19

As we bring the Church’s ordinary time to a close, we are offered a fitting hymn of Thanksgiving and praise which comes to us in today’s first reading. We can make it a family prayer of praise and Thanksgiving

‘How great and wonderful are all your works,
Lord God Almighty;
just and true are all your ways,
King of nations.
Who would not revere and praise your name, O Lord?
You alone are holy,
and all the pagans will come and adore you
for the many acts of justice you have shown.’

The prayer of Praise recognizes immediately that God is God. Praising for who is makes us draw closer to God; the origin and source of life. Praising God makes us also have a deep sense of joy because in Him all men and women are alive. Praising God embraces all forms of prayer, we are uplifted and transformed by the presence of the living one.

During our busy moments today let us open up our minds and hearts to praise for all his blessings thus far, especially for the gift of Christ His Son who gave us victory over sin and death and reconcile us to the Father who loved us till eternity.

It is good to reflect on the presence of God in our lives and to see how we can draw ourselves to his benevolence and blessing that He bestows.

As you and your household choose God again and again, may you praise Him times without number. May your joy not be once upon a time but evergreen.

May God refresh and bless you.
May the Lord accept your praise as you thank him for his blessings. May he always bless, protect and provide for your needs. God bless you and bless your day.

Fr Joseph Osho

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