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Do You Believe In The Existence Of Angels?


Do You Believe In The Existence Of Angels?

Daniel 7:9-10,13-14
John 1:47-51

Today, the Church celebrates the Archangels Micheal, Gabriel and Raphael. These three are celebrated today because of the important role they play in the plan of God’s salvation for humanity.

Michael means ‘who is like God’ (Dan. 10:13-20; Rev. 12:7; Jude 9), Gabriel means the power of God- the messenger of the Incarnation of the Son of God to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Lk 1:19-26) and Raphael means God heals (Tob. 12:15-20)

During the time of Jesus, the denial of existence was already in existence made manifest by the school of Sadduccess Acts 23:8. Denied also by materialists, empiricists, and rationalists of the modern age, however, we cannot reverse what God has been made and written in Sacred scriptures.

By their function, Angels are pure spirits who deliver God’s message. The Hebrew word ‘malak”, used in the Old Testament, signifies more precisely ‘messenger”, “delegate” or “ambassador”. The angels, spiritual creatures, have a function of mediation and ministry in the relationships between God and man.

It is clear in the Gospels that Christ made mention of the angels Jesus Himself tells us this: “The angels in Heaven always see the face of my father who is in Heaven!’ Matt.18:10 and from today’s Gospel as well while speaking to Nathaniel. John 1:51. Other references in Sacred scriptures include Numbers 22:31, 2 Kings 6:17, Isaiah 6:1–3, Psalm 148:1–6, Revelation 12:7–9; 22:8–9, and much more.

In the general audience of August 6th, 1986, St. John Paul II noted that “the modern mentality does not see the importance of angels. Yet in the encounter with the world of angels, man comes to see his own being not only as body but also as spirit”.

It is often said that pride goes before a fall. Nebuchadnezzar, the mighty builder of Babylon was punished for his hubris. He crept on the earth, devouring grass like oxen, until his nails had grown like bird’s claws, and his hair like eagle’s feathers. Dan 4:33. Pride made the boastful a beast, as once before it made an angel a devil. God hates high looks, and never fails to bring them down. All the arrows of God are aimed at proud hearts

Today and always, Let people see you as an angel just like Stephen in the Acts the of the apostles. Let them encounter you like Raguel in the book of Tobit. Let people discover the spirit of God in you as Daniel and Peter were delivered and bore witness to God’s saving power.

“Be an Angel to someone else whenever you can, as a way of thanking God for the help your Angel has given You. ‘- Eileen Elias Freeman

May the Archangels of God continue to protect and guide us in all our ways. Amen.

Fr Joseph Osho

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