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Monday Of Week 10 In Ordinary Time 


Monday Of Week 10 In Ordinary Time 

1 Kings 17:1-6
Psalm 120(121)
Matthew 5:1-12


Today’s gospel begins with Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, focusing on the way to Happiness (The Beatitudes). The “attitudes” that Jesus shares with us today reveal that regardless of the sorrows we face in this life, the true treasure lies in accepting Him as our Lord and Savior and following in His footsteps. The ultimate prize is Heaven.

In today’s world, the pursuit of comfort and happiness often prioritizes the self over God. Our souls long for comfort, solace, and above all, happiness. However, seeking happiness apart from God only leads to a void of misery within us. What does happiness mean to you?

Today, we have a choice to make – to consistently follow Jesus or to prioritize the ways of the world. I pray that the Holy Spirit, our Comforter, continues to provide us with divine consolation amid any sorrows and suffering we may endure.

May God Almighty continue to grant us the wisdom and knowledge to always choose Him above all else. May He continue to grant us the grace to also console others through the strength and courage we have received from Him. Amen.

Fr Joseph Osho

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