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Most Happiest Birthday To My Adorable Daughter

Birthday Shoutout

Most Happiest Birthday To My Adorable Daughter

I could remember over 9yrs ago when I was still seeking God’s face for so many things in my life. God spoke through one of His vessels and said “Madam, you are asking for many things but the most pressing one is a Job and Children. Which one do you want first? ☹️

With tears and sadness, I said “anyone God wants, let Him sha give me. I know that He knows the best, I don tire, I just want Him to remember me.”😭☹️

After this encounter, my mindset changed and my prayer point changed. I started telling God to take charge of all that concerns me while forsaking my problems at the feet of Jesus Christ where He said it is FINISHED! 🙏

Years later, here I am with a grateful heart to celebrate my womb opener💃. My newest bestie, my laughter, my Joy, my doctor, my food taster🤣, my Lawyer, my celebrity and Future Astronaut😁🙏.

Evan Elochukwu Is 6yrs Old Today! Thank you Jesus Christ! 💃🎂🍾

I prophesy good things over you, my child. You are a city set on a hilltop. You are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation. Your days will continually be filled with laughter and peace like a river. You will hear the word of God, you will speak God’s words and work for God. You shall do great exploits. Your life shall be a shining example to many in your generation.

Kings, Queens, Prominent Men, and Women will dine at your table. Every good thing will be at ease for you. The glory of the Lord Jesus Christ shall fill your life.

EVAN=God’s Gracious Gift! Every word of God concerning you shall be fulfilled. The Lord Jesus Christ shall satisfy you with Long Life, Amen.

Oya Buga and do shakara🤣, Jesus got you!❤️

Happy birthday My Trophy!🎂😘🎷🎂🍾💃🏿❤️

I join my faith with every woman out there seeking for the fruit of the Womb, your testimonies shall be GREAT in Jesus name. Be steadfast in Prayers, hold God to His words and do good always. Your Babies have arrived! See with eyes of faith, rejoice!❤️❤️❤️

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