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Spending Quality Time With Your Kids 8

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Spending Quality Time With Your Kids 8

You connect more with your children when you often spend quality time with them. Creating time to spend with your kids is very important. Do your best to be there for them as frequently as you can, even if other duties prevent you from spending a lot of time with your family. If you are separated from them, make daily calls and talk to them, even if you have nothing significant to say. These efforts are required because neglecting your children could have negative impacts on them.

Studies show that the more often we spend time with our kids, the more peaceful and happier our home shall be. Additionally, your children will learn to respect your sacrifices, love one another, and develop into healthy adults.

Some consequences of not spending quality time with our kids were discussed in previous articles. Others are;

1)Lack of Resilience
Parents, especially mothers, have the responsibility of teaching kids how to handle difficulties. We can only be able to do this when we create time with our kids and teach them about life challenges and how they can face them. These teachings help them to stand and face challenges in their physical, emotional, social, behavioral, or academic lives.

Kids whose mothers are not there to teach them about life, lack resilience and often struggle to cope with unpleasant situations. Such children feel abandoned by their parents and tend to seek help from their friends, who may lead them astray.

2)A Depressive Child
A child can be depressed when he /she does not feel his/her mother’s love and support. Children feel loved and cherished when we create time out of our busy schedules to play and chat with them. However, such a busy mother may not notice when her child is depressed. And depression can lead to suicide when not handled quickly.

According to research, aggressive behavior in children is a result of bad parenting from childhood. Children who don’t spend enough time with their parents experience higher levels of rage. They become a defender who uses a range of strategies to defend themselves, including aggressiveness, when they feel lonely.

As mothers, we are concerned when our children are unhappy. We feel nothing should make them unhappy. We provide all they need, yet they fail to notice any joy or pleasure on their faces.

You wouldn’t believe it, but spending time with your family can help with a lot of the symptoms of sadness.

Therefore, to raise a happy child you must create quality time to spend with them.

The question is how do we know we are not spending quality time with our kids?
The signs that signify this will be discussed in my next article.

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