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“The Greatest Music On Earth Is Coming Out Of Africa,”- Stormzy


“The Greatest Music On Earth Is Coming Out Of Africa,”- Stormzy

“Inspiring” is how Stormzy described having “the greatest music on Earth” come from Africa.

The 29-year-old British rapper, whose songs Vossi Bop and other UK number ones have achieved success, has previously discussed his Ghanaian ancestry and his support for that nation while it was competing in the World Cup in Qatar last year.

People are simply being unapologetic in their blackness, and it’s the best music on Earth right now, according to Stormzy, who stated this in a Dazed magazine article.

“Africa is producing some of the best music in the world. Being your authentic black self and looking is already inspiring! The entire globe is ablaze with it.

“I’ll tell my kids I was a part of this time in culture. I had an offering. I was here; I was a part of it.”

Recently, the continent has witnessed the rise to fame of Nigerian artists like Davido, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Olamide, as well as Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie and Cameroonian-American singer Libianca Fonji.

Stormzy also mentioned how his mother’s nation is his “home” and in his “blood” when he spoke at the Global Citizen Festival in Ghana’s capital Accra in September.

The star of the Dazed magazine cover continued by saying that as he has gotten older, he has realized “everything goes back full circle.”

“You get it, like that’s home innit?” added Stormzy. Home is there, bruv.

‘This Is What I Mean’, the musician’s third album released in November 2022, is a “heartfelt” collection that examines intimate subjects like forgiving his absent father and his self-doubt.

Stormzy also said he can see himself getting “maybe” creatively “bolder, braver and fearless” with “maturity”.

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