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The Immaculate Heart Of Mary 


The Immaculate Heart Of Mary 

2 Timothy 4:1-8
Psalm 70(71):8-9,14-17,22
Luke 2:41-51


Yesterday, we celebrated the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and today, we are celebrating the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. These two hearts are not only linked by human origin but also by their shared commitment to fulfilling the will of God the Father. They are both full of compassion, love, mercy, and grace. If you love the heart of Jesus, you must also love the heart of Mary because it is the closest heart to Jesus.

Mary’s heart burns for Jesus, Joseph and all of us.
Today’s feast emphasizes the joys and sorrows of Mary in following the will of God, her virtues of obedience and humility, her love for God and Jesus, and her love for all people.

The portrayal of the Immaculate Heart of Mary often features a sword piercing through the heart, surrounded by roses or lilies. In Luke 2:41-51, Simeon prophesied that a sword would pierce her heart because of the sorrows and sufferings she would endure with Jesus.

In today’s gospel, after searching for Jesus for three days, his parents found him in the Temple, listening to the teachers of the law and asking them questions. When Mary recounted their experience, Jesus responded that they should know that he is busy fulfilling his Father’s affairs. Mary never uttered a word of complaint or negativity; she recognized the hand of God in all these things.

Although Mary did not understand many things in her life, her heart, purified by the Holy Spirit, was confident in God’s love, protection, and providence. We are told she “kept all these things in her heart.”

We too must be aware that deep within our hearts, we encounter the Divine, where we experience a Mystery that is beyond words or explanation. God invites us to delve deeper, to trust more fully, and to enter into the silence.

Mary’s reaction should be our reaction when we are confronted with overwhelming situations. Instead of complaining about our anxieties, fears, dissatisfaction, or worries, let us ponder about them, place them in God’s hands, and He will guide our path to carry out His will with great joy and confidence. Allowing negativity and ugly feelings to dominate our hearts makes them a reality.

We must fill our hearts with goodness and compassion. Mary often pondered many things in her heart, finding peace in the innermost space where she alone interacted with God.

We should make the effort to set time aside to simply BE, to enter into that sacred space where we meet our God, receive nourishment for the journey, and find true peace.

We must remain positive by recognizing the image and likeness of God in everyone. Listening to God and following His path is crucial for our spiritual journey. Our love must be centered on love for God and our neighbors. If you are feeling worried or overburdened, take some time to rest in God’s loving embrace, which can only happen in the depths of your heart.


May we not take the patience of God for granted and may we live our lives in conformity with the two hearts of Jesus and Mary. May God give us the grace to continue to treasure all that He is doing in our lives by reflecting on them in our hearts. And may we then go out, as Mary did, & witness Him wherever we find ourselves. Amen.

Sweet of Jesus be my love, sweet heart of Mary be my salvation.



Fr Joseph Osho

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