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The Lord Is Our Heritage


The Lord Is Our Heritage

Saturday of week 10 in Ordinary Time 

1 Kings 19:19-21
Psalm 15(16):1-2,5,7-10
Matthew 5:33-37

In today’s first reading, Elijah feels very despondent and frustrated about how he was seemingly unable to convince the people to place their belief in the one true God. He needed help!

And with God’s grace, he found that help in Elisha, a hard worker who was being called to leave all things and follow the prophet, to follow the Lord. What is so wonderful about this call is that Elisha knew that this is an urgent call—no need to delay.

Without hesitation, he knew the task on his shoulder and was to leave all things immediately, to hurry home and kiss his parents, which is about getting their blessing, receiving their blessing, and then going forth without a second thought. His call was to trust and to respond wholeheartedly. And he did.

Surprisingly, it is different for us today. The Lord continues to call us, but the hard part is to listen and obey. Now, it is true that no one dwells in a cave awaiting the Lord’s call. Instead, we find ourselves in a world that is so much with us, and so very full of noise and distraction.

We have to listen! And when he speaks, we have to be ready to respond as did those holy ones of old: “Speak, O Lord, for we, your servants, are listening! “

Fr Joseph Osho

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