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A Concerned Busy Mom: Am I Being Selfish If I Take Care Of Myself? 2

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A Concerned Busy Mom: Am I Being Selfish If I Take Care Of Myself? 2

As a busy mom, you may not have the time to take care of yourself. As discussed in my previous article, mothers hardly have time to take care of themselves because of the responsibilities of taking care of everyone and everything in the home.

It takes a lot of work to be a mother. Mothers who work outside the home find it more difficult to take care of themselves
Little room for personal development can frequently be found when juggling employment, children, household duties, and other everyday obligations. In addition, because mothers prioritize taking care of their families, we frequently neglect our health.

As a mom, Is it important for me to find time out of my busy schedule to rest and take care of my health? If it is important, is it possible? How do I strike a balance between caring for myself and my family? Am I a selfish mother if I create time for myself to relax and take care of myself?

Self-care is not self-centered. It is crucial to our health. Take care of yourself if you want to have and maintain a healthy life.

Here are some ideas for how to include self-care in your daily activity;

1)Be Intentional about it;
Making your health a priority is the first step to staying healthy as a busy mom. Write down what being a “healthy mom” means to you first. Next, take a look at what you just wrote and come up with a list of actions you can take to make it happen. Taking these steps shows that you truly desire to be healthy,

We will be discussing more on this topic in my next article.

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