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Chigul Sends Warning Message To Potential Suitors

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Chigul Sends Warning Message To Potential Suitors

Nigerian actress and comedian, Chioma Omeruah a.ka. Chigul is currently making headlines after she sent a message to young men below the age of 40 to leave her DM.

Chigul, made this public during an interview with media personality, Toke Makinwa as she recounted her experience with dating younger men in the past.

The actress revealed it didn’t work and she has now taken a stance against relationships with younger men.

The comedienne went on to urge men who want to approach her to check their age well.

The actress revealed she can’t hold relatable conversations with younger men. She added that she was not ready to fight with young girls because of a man or be included in another woman’s prayer point.

See some of the reactions below;

Is the somebody’s prayer point for me 😂😂😂

40+ wey never marry is there not something fishy

diddys___: “At 25 I only want to date older men and sometimes I just think that Men my age ain’t on my level or mature enough, other times I feel like it’s because I lost my Dad early, maybe I’m sorta looking for a Dad figure… This video has me thinking honestly, what do we women actually want?”

blazerealtor_: “Is the somebody’s prayer point for me .”

kate0010617: “Some 1970 something still don’t have sense o.”

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