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Jesus And The Crowd

Jesus And The Crowd

Jesus is followed by a crowd wanting to hear and be with Him. So many of them crowd into the house where He was staying that neither He nor the apostles could even eat.
In this reading of Mark, family and friends became concerned about Him not eating or taking care of Himself.  Later, He seems to belittle their efforts to help Him.

This was not the first time Christ had rebuffed attempts to be cared for. Even as a child Christ had said to his parents,” Do you not know that I must be about my Father’s business?”.
How many times have I not listened to or actively rejected advice from family and friends, even pleadings from those trying to protect me?

And how many times have I refused to listen to your voice, Lord?   I recognize now, (in my ancient wisdom), that you have seized me several times in my life in an effort to show me that I’m going down the wrong path, that what I seek is not the way to happiness or to you.

With the New Year barely begun, with the rest of my life just starting, I need to remember that when life is out of balance, when nothing seems right, when my wheels spin in the mud and I can’t get traction:  that is when I need to listen to Your voice.  Today, Now, I will listen for your voice.

Fr. Osho.

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