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Governor Sanwo-olu Casts His Vote, Advises Peaceful Conduct Of The People


Governor Sanwo-olu Casts His Vote, Advises Peaceful Conduct Of The People

Governor Babajide Sanwoolu while casting his vote this morning advised the voters to be peaceful and abide by the rules and regulations of INEC.
He also said the electorates have the power to decide who will govern them over the next 4 years and they should come out and vote without fear of intimidation.

Governor Sanwoolu votes in Lagos Governorship elections and asks Lagosians to come out and vote.

The Governor said, “We have just voted this morning. I’m happy with the turn out of voters. We can see that INEC came out on time.”

He added, “I think it is time for us as people to see this process as not meant to be a process for violence. This contest is about peace, progress and prosperity about our state and the country as a whole.

“I advise everyone to conduct theirselves as family”

Commenting on a viral video on social media over alleged vote suppression, the governor said, he would not comment on it as it was unverifiable.

He noted, “We have seen a disturbing video which is not verifiable. I can’t comment on that but so far this election has been calm.

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