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Motherhood: House Chores 2- Is It Right For Our Husbands To Help?

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Motherhood: House Chores 2- Is It Right For Our Husbands To Help?

Hello Great Mothers! In my last article, we started this sensitive topic of whether it’s right for husbands to help their wives with house chores.

It is pertinent to note that house chores have hurt so many marriages. It has caused unnecessary tension in homes. In the past, men worked full-time outside the home while women performed the unpaid labor of managing the household. But this has changed over the years.

Despite shifts in these traditional roles and employment trends, evidence indicates that women are still primarily tasked with the physical and emotional labor of running a household and caring for a family.

Women need help to balance everything. If not it will affect her psychologically, and also her health. One may suggest that the woman gets house help. But with the recent happenings, many homes try to avoid getting one. In such cases where the woman does not want house help because of the unpleasant experiences many out there have had. Who should help? Should her husband help or should she bear it all by herself?

Researchers have found out that when a woman does not have anyone helping her with house chores, she feels unhappy and this in turn increases her stress level. Thus resulting in nagging, unnecessary anger, bitterness, and hatred.

The truth is that a man who wants a peaceful home, who wants his wife to be happy and his children to grow up into a well-balanced adult, will help his wife with house chores when there is no one to help.

Studies have shown that helping out with house chores does not make the husband less man, rather;

It helps strengthen the bond between husband and wife. This is because it enhances good communication between them.

Both husbands and wives are happier when they share parenting and household responsibilities.

Also, wives feel more cared for when husbands are involved with their children, yet helping out with the day-to-day responsibilities of running the household also matters.

It is an important way for husbands to connect with their wives, and that connection results in better relationships.

Therefore, a man who wants a happy wife and home will help his wife with house chores when there is no one to help. Also, women are advised not to take advantage of their husbands’ help and become lazy.

To achieve the results stated above wives should allow their husbands to choose the house chores they wish to help out with and not give them directions on the one to help with nor force them to do more than the ones they wish to do. This will only affect their ego as men and make them withdraw.

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