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MOTHERHOOD: How To Raise Children Who Love And Care For One Another 3

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MOTHERHOOD: How To Raise Children Who Love And Care For One Another 3

Hello, Great Mothers! How are we doing?
We discussed the steps we can take to nurture children who will live and care for one another.

But is it necessary? You may want to inquire whether it’s necessary to train your children to love and care for one another. As long as they are educated and trained to be honest, hardworking, resilient, bold, and independent. They can achieve anything they want in life. Remember children who are not trained to love may not love themselves, and also may find it difficult to love others, and this harms so many aspects of their lives.

The following are the reason why we must train our children to love and care for one another;

1) It helps create an atmosphere of peace and love in the home.
2) It creates a sense of responsibility among siblings and this makes them always reach out to one another even as they grow into adults.
3) It increases their emotional and physical health, even into adulthood.
4) Built-in love and support no matter what.
5) Helps them to learn how to deal with criticism.
6) Helps them to learn not to hurt others’ feelings
7) They learn to look out for others besides themselves and learn to receive help from others as well.
8) It creates an atmosphere of calmness in the home.
9) Those with great sibling relationships are also found to be more successful in life. This is because they will always be there for one another to help each other succeed.
10) They learn to apologize
11) Allows practicing leading and following.

God is always present where there is love, peace, and unity. And where God is present, no evil can dominate. Therefore, it’s our duty as Mothers to ensure our children are nurtured in a peaceful environment and are taught to love and care for one another.

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