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Omoni Oboli Cries Out, Calls On INEC To Allow Them Cast Their Vote At VGC


Omoni Oboli Cries Out, Calls On INEC To Allow Them Cast Their Vote At VGC

There is apprehension in Victoria Garden City (VGC) on Lagos Island, Lagos State after officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) reportedly told residents that their polling units had been changed and moved to the expressway.  

It was observed from a video made by witnesses at the VGC polling units including a Nigerian actress, Omoni Oboli, who confirmed that INEC officials had not arrived at any of their polling units because they were told to come to the expressway.

“We risked our lives and everything and they (INEC) are hoping many of us would not vote and stay at home. This is totally unacceptable. This is automatic disenfranchisement. The voters may be discouraged. They would rather stay at home than risk their lives. INEC, we ask you to call your officials to order and relocate to VGC so we can vote,” a witness said.

“Okay guys, we are set up and fully set up. All the polling units are here, but INEC has said they are not coming into VGC. They are going to set up on the express. Why would we? Thousands of people are in VGC here, but they say they are not coming in. Please tag INEC, tell them, this is where we have always voted here. We voted here the last time. Please we thought we were not going to have any drama this time,” Oboli said.

The Lagos State governorship and House of Assembly elections will be expectedly tense after accusations of thuggery from the Labour Party against the ruling All Progressives Congress, which has continued to deny the allegations.

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