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Omoni Obori shares A Video Of Her Son Struggling To Speak Pidgin


Omoni Obori shares A Video Of Her Son Struggling To Speak Pidgin

In honor of Children’s Day on Saturday, actress Omoni Obori shared a video of her son trying to speak Pidgin.

In this hilarious video, Omoni Obori’s eldest son, Gozi Oboli, was cooking while the actress encouraged him to say, “I’m going to a party,” in Pidgin.

Her son, who can’t speak pidgin, doesn’t know how she does it and asks her to explain.

Sharing the video online, Omoni lamented over how none of her sons are good at speaking English.

She, however, vowed to start giving them pidgin lessons.

“Happy Children’s Day to all of us cos we are all God’s children. I read and write in pidgin English so I feel bad right now that @gozioboli is struggling with pidgin. Azin my pidgin is soooo good. I wrote all my movie scripts (the pidgin ones like Wives On Strike, The First Lady, and co) I’m pidgin. I need to start pidgin lessons in my house”.

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