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Weinstein Faces Additional S*xual Assault Charges And A Retrial

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Weinstein Faces Additional S*xual Assault Charges And A Retrial

Prosecutors in Manhattan informed a judge on Tuesday that they plan to file fresh accusations of s*xual assault against the deposed media mogul, and they anticipate a retrial for Harvey Weinstein in November.

Nicole Blumberg, an assistant district attorney, stated that the prosecution has not yet presented its findings to a grand jury and that she was unable to give the court an estimated time frame for the conclusion of their investigation.

“They’re still looking into it in a trauma-informed way,” she stated. “That is a continuous procedure.”

However, Weinstein’s attorney; Arthur Aidala, who had his wheelchair-bound client seated next to him, implied that the probe was a ploy by the prosecution to prolong things, pointing out that a similar incident occurred before the first rape trial.

“Once again we have the individual and we’re looking for a crime,” he said. “We’ve got the 1-800-Get-Harvey hotline.”

In response, Ms. Blumberg stated that the agency is actively investigating rape claims that happened in Manhattan and are within the statute of limitations.

According to her, some possible survivors who were reluctant to come forward during Weinstein’s initial trial in New York might have suddenly expressed a willingness to testify.

“We’re not using any kind of delay tactics,” Ms. Blumberg declared. “We’re moving forward as quickly as possible.” She stated that the prosecution intends to move on with an autumn trial.

Judge Curtis Farber asked Ms. Blumberg what month she expected, to which she replied, “November would be a realistic timeframe.”

Given that Weinstein is currently serving his fifth year of his sentence, Mr. Aidala stated that his client merely wants the trial to begin as soon as possible.

“He’s suffering tremendously,” Aidala said, adding that Weinstein suffers from macular degeneration, “fluid in his lungs” and diabetes that is “through the roof” because of the poor diet behind bars.

“He’s getting no treatment for any of it,” Aidala said. “He’s not a young man. He’s a sick man.” “These tactics from prosecutors are just delay, delay, delay,” he added.

The next pre-trial hearing was scheduled for July 19 by Judge Farber.

The 72-year-old Weinstein has said that all s*x was consenting. Although he is presently being held at the city’s Rikers Island jail facility, he has experienced health issues while incarcerated. The highest court in New York overturned Weinstein’s rape conviction in April after finding that the trial judge had improperly permitted testimony against him based on unrelated allegations from other women.

Weinstein, who was serving a 23-year sentence in New York, was found guilty of a second rape in Los Angeles in 2022 and is currently serving a 16-year jail term in California.

However, Weinstein’s attorneys contended in an appeal that was submitted to California’s Second District Court of Appeal last month that he was not given a fair trial in Los Angeles.

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