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E-Money And I Are Best Definition Of Real Brotherhood, We Have Never Fought – Kcee Limpopo


E-Money And I Are Best Definition Of Real Brotherhood, We Have Never Fought – Kcee Limpopo

Popular Nigeria singer, Kingsley Okonkwo, aka Kcee, is known to have a close relationship with his younger brother and business partner, Emeka, popularly known as E-Money.

Kcee is so close to E-Money that he practically mentions his name in all his songs. The duo jointly own Five Star Music.

They are both married with kids, despite that, their bond grow stronger and women or money couldn’t tear them apart.

In fact, their close relationship has led some to think that E-Money is the elder brother; whereas opposite is the case. In an interview with The Saturday Beats, Kcee said he’s usually careful about how they interact with each other. He said: “We have never had a fight. In fact we are worried [that we never fought]. We know our limits and we have never crossed them.” No, we were younger when my brother was courting a girl, and I wouldn’t touch that girl. Don’t be friends with that person. If we had taken it easy, a woman might have been able to get in between us.

“By the time we got married, our wives were aware of the bond we shared. We are so close; it’s divine. I can boldly say we are the definition of real brotherhood. We have never fought, and it gives me pride to say that. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but we pray every day that we don’t experience anything that would make us fight.”

The ‘Limpopo’ singer also stated that his background in the low income neighbourhood of Ajegunle, Lagos State, helped him to become a successful man. He said, “I think a major part of my success has to do with the training I got from Ajegunle. The fire I had in me is still the same now.  When one is around lack and struggling for one’s life, one will make sure that one escapes such situation.”

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