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Stan Nze Highlights Common Mistakes Made By Upcoming Actors


Stan Nze Highlights Common Mistakes Made By Upcoming Actors

Nollywood actor and movie producer, Stan Nze has highlighted common mistakes that upcoming actors make while trying to secure a place in the Nigerian movie industry.

The baritone-voiced actor on an Instagram live interview said it is wrong for any budding actor to join the industry solely to seek fame.

Stan Eze

“The mistake I think we make is that we come to expectant, it is not a bad thing to set goals and have a mindset of what this industry will sort of do for you and how fast you are going to grow, but one thing I will advise is do not come with the mindset that you are going to blow in such a short time or don’t come for fame basically. Let fame be the added advantage, come because you are passionate about acting, come because you are passionate about the industry, come because you are passionate about storytelling, a need for change because that’s what Nollywood is. The need to tell life-changing and transforming stories that will, in turn, transform the society, let that be your goal and then let fame be added on to it,” he said.

Stan Nze became prominent with his role as ‘Ohakanu’ in Tinsel and for his lead role in Rattlesnake (The Ahanna story).

Source: The Nation

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