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Teary Adele Postpones Las Vegas Concert Series. Here Is Why

Teary Adele Postpones Las Vegas Concert Series. Here Is Why

It’s very painful when you have to postpone proposed plans especially if it has to do with something you have passion for and enjoy doing.  British singer; Adele, has apologized to fans in a teary video on Thursday announcing that she is postponing her anticipated Las Vegas residency due to Covid.

“I’m so sorry,” the singer said in a video posted to Twitter on Thursday. “My show ain’t ready.

“We’ve tried absolutely everything that we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you,” Adele said in a video posted on Instagram. “But we’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and COVID. Half my crew, half my team are down with COVID. They still are. And it’s been impossible to finish the show.”

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The British superstar had been scheduled to start a three-month residence at the Caesars Palace Hotel in what were to be her first live appearances since 2017.

Saying she was “sorry” eight times in a 92-second message, especially for people who had traveled to Las Vegas for the show, Adele said the delays prevented her from perfecting the show to her standards and she promised to reschedule.

“I’m going to finish my show, and I’m going to get it to where it’s supposed to be,” she said.

The shows were to follow her latest album, 30, which debuted at No.1 in 30 countries in November.

Concert residencies in Las Vegas have become a major attraction in recent years for musicians who do not wish to travel extensively.

The singer released her album “30” in November. The residency was slated to run from January to April. Ticket sales for the residency went for as high as $30,000 per seat in secondary markets for some concerts.

We wish the infected crew members a quick recovery.

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